Company History

Triack Resources is a specialist in its field.

In 1994 Dave McRae incorporated Triack Resources Ltd and purchased a waterfront piece of property in Squamish.   Triack Resources operated a dry-land Triack would sort, grade, scale, market and transport logs to the market via rail car & by water.

As well as log processing, Triack has been involved in contract logging and timber harvesting within the Ministry of Forest BCTS program. Triack quickly became known for its ability to log timber in sensitive areas. In 2005, forestry was no longer a thriving industry and Dave took Triack in a new direction, making the move into wood waste recycling, land clearing, and industrial site wood waste  remediation. More recently with the upturn of the forestry market, Triack has resumed it’s logging operations once again.


Young Dave

Dave McRae

From a young age, Dave has been immersed in the forest industry. At 19, he began an apprenticeship in the field of heavy-duty mechanics. He then used those skills in partnership with his cousin, Kim McRae, to build a custom-cut mill that produced 34,000 Board Feet per day. Their 41’ timbers were used in such places as Disneyland and the Atlantic board walk.

Dave continues to manage Triack as it’s CEO and day to day manager.  His innovative thinking has allowed Triack  to adapt and become  a productive force  in timber harvesting, wood waste recycling & management.